Saturday, 3 December 2011

6 Months...

This week marks a big milestone as I am now 6 months pregnant and 2/3 of the way there.

The last 6 months have felt at times to go by SUPER slowly but that is mostly because I am so impatient and just can't wait to meet this little guy. In reality it is amazing to think I am on the home stretch and how much I have experienced in the last 6 months. It has been an awesome journey (with some not so awesome bits) and as much as I will be so excited to have my little boy in my arms and be RUNNING again there are some things that I am loving about being pregnant:

1. My hips & boobs - I finally have a bit of shape. I think its much more feminine and I love it (so does hubby)!!!

2. My new relaxed attitude to life - food, my body, friendships & relationships have all taken a turn for the positive. Not sure if its hormones or the excitement of this new beginning but I have unleashed the most laid-back & down to earth version of myself. Superficial things are of no significance and whilst I am definitely becoming stronger in my convictions and beliefs it is without the judgement and or need for others approval. The world is taken at face value and I don't waste my precious energies trying to disect or read between the lines.

3. My passion and appreciation for running has grown since I have stepped back and had a break from it. Strange? Yes I think it is. But in truth I spend more of my day thinking about running than I have even when in a heavy training load. I have wanted to invest my every spare minute into reading and learning everything I can. I know exactly what running means to me and exactly what role I want it to have in my life for the rest of my life and its EXCITING!!!

So as I start my 3rd trimester I hope that my positive experiences continue. I know my body will start to slow down sooner or later but I intend to make the most of whatever the final stage of the journey throws at me. Here are my goals for the home stretch:

1. Keep active and feeling well
2. Quality time together while its "just the two of us"
3. Go to the movies and read
4. Have long lazy Sunday sleep ins and breakies in bed

All in all its all about ME and feeling fabulous!