Being a mum makes running just a little bit more of a challenge. Gone are the days of slipping on your sneakers and racing out the door.

From sneakers to spandex and breast pads here I review some of my favourite products that help improve my life and running.


This little device changed my life. If you are half serious about clocking up the kms and want to make the most of every run a speed and distance device is worth every cent.

Speed and distance devices give you a world of information literally at your fingertips in your session.

I have my Garmin 405 set up with 4 different screens of information that it scrolls through on my run. Here is what I can view in my training sessions with my configuration:

Speed Screen
On this screen I have my current speed (kmp/h), my average speed for that run (kmp/h) and my lap time (good for intervals etc).

Time Screen
I have this screen configured with the duration of that run, the time of day and the time of sunset.
(I put the sunset time after getting caught out on a track after sunset!)

Distance Screen
This screen shows my total distance, pace and gradient

Heart Rate Screen
On this screen I have my current heart rate, my % of maximum heart rate and my average heart rate for the session

The final screen is my virtual running buddy. On this screen I race against my pre-set pace or myself. I love that you can load courses that you have previously done and race against your previous times. I find this very motivating and very useful!

So there you have it all the information that my much loved Garmin provides me at any point in a run. As for after the run, all my training data downloads to Garmin Connect and I can see all my information plotted on a map and in graphs and tables. With lots of reporting functions its great to be able to go back and review your performance and improvements over different periods of time. Also the training calendar is very motivating - I hate to see unscheduled blank spots in there!

I admire people who can run "naked" (without any devices) but for me running is about improving and pushing myself and my Garmin 405 plays a key role in keeping me motivated and focused.

My 405 is more than 3 years old and I still get a good 5 hours of running out of each charge if using the GPS. Without the GPS on the Garmin lasts a lot longer but I don't generally use it in this way.

When I first got the Garmin I admit I found the watch a little "bulky" compared to my old heart rate monitor but now it doesn't phase me in the slightest.

As for durability my Garmin has stood the test of time. At 3 years old I had to change the strap on it which was relatively inexpensive and simple to do. Apart from that my Garmin is as good as new. Which is a bit of a pity really because I can't justify upgrading until its on the blink and the Garmin 610 looks oh so good!