Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Slow Down

The dreaded slow down has happened! It started in the christmas break and what I originally put down to being on holidays and hot weather I now know is here to stay. gone are the 9km walks and the brisk pace. Now its a waddle and only if I can muster up the desire to do it!

Its been very hot the last few days and I have laid low with my walking but when I do get out I am finding a 4.5km loop is more than enough of a challenge! Sometimes I feel frustrated by my lack of energy or the gap between my mental desires and my physical capabilities. But right on cue I will always get a kick in the ribs or a little wriggle from my new tenant and that reminds me what an amazing thing my body is doing.... growing a baby from only a little speck! On that note I realise that to expect any more from it is just crazy and my frustration is short lived.

My goal now is to listen to my body but try and stay as active as I can with my limited energy and capabilities. This means its time to hit the pool! Can I tell you how appealing the thought of being "weightless" is. I have gained a healthy 9kgs to date but I tell you there are days when it feels like 20kgs! So I have dug out my floatation belt and I am looking forward to some deep water running in the final 6 weeks. Deep water running is so good for working on running technique, stretching out hamstrings and working on stride length so BONUS I will be improving my running while I'm not even running.

In closing even though I am not hitting the intensity and frequency of exercise that I would ideally like I am grateful to be able to exercise at this point in my pregnancy and grateful to be still be feeling good and that both bub and I are doing well. All in all I can't complain!

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