Sunday, 20 November 2011

Why this Blog

This is the first official post of Mummy Loves to Run and yet strangely it will be at least 4 months before this mummy runs again!!!! So why start a running blog now I hear you ask. well it was actually this (sometimes painful) hiatus from running that has conceived this blog. But let me go back to where it all began...

As a keen runner who relied on that runners high to stay sane and get through the day I had always envisaged I'd run through a pregnancy. Much research online and a conversation with my GP confirmed that this was not only possible but if done with correct precautions would have a positive influence on my pregnancy experience. It seems I completely underestimated the impact pregnancy would have on my body and my mind.

After completing my first marathon my husband and I were keen to start a family (something we put on hold so I could "squeeze" out a marathon before I "squeezed" out something else). Much to my surprise I'd barely finished (and enjoyed) my 2 weeks post marathon recovery before we discovered that baby was made.

I never could have predicted the mental shift that followed. Upon finding out I was pregnant I did what every control freak does - read anything and everything I could. I was going to know everything there is to know and was going to do everything "just right". My every thought was about this little peanut and how to give him/her the best shot at life and making sure nothing went wrong. (because pregnancy is something you can control?!?!)

So with this in mind and after being absolutley horrified at the miscarraige statistic in early pregnancy I decided to extend my 2 week post marathon recovery to the 12 week mark. Once I got to that stage surely I would be feeling more confident and then I could start some light jogging again.


The joke was on me at 6 weeks when the morning sickness and extreme tiredness kicked in. How could I ever have dreamt of running through pregnancy when I could barely function through a day? Between sleeping 10 hours at night, going to work, napping for 2 hours after work I didn't really have much time left to run let alone any desire. The 24 hour seedy feeling inspired nothing but being horizontal - "Morning" sickness my arse!

But there was light at the end of the tunnel around 12 weeks when I was starting to get through the days with out a nanna nap. By 14 weeks the sick feeling had passed and I was ready to hit the pavement again. I decided to do a few walks and build back slowly. By the end of the first week of walking it was clear that I was no longer a specimen of fitness and that a brisk walk was enough intensity for this over cautious first time "mother to be".

The lack of fitness and the anxiety and uncertainty that came with being a first timer in this thing they call pregnancy lead to my decision to put my running on hold until post bub. The decision itself was not hard. My primary concern was creating a healthy little baby and erring on the side of caution appealed to my overly anxious side. Strangley the decision not to run made me think about running more. Even though I didn't feel like I was depriving myself I couldn't stop thinking and dreaming about running!!

So whilst I'd dream about running by night I would actually hit the pavement by day (walking). After a few weeks I had built up my distance and frequency. By 19 weeks I was comfortably walking 7-9km every morning and feeling great for it. So great I felt fit enough to even contemplate jogging. But I decided to stick to my original plan. Every day brought new feelings and new sensations. My body that I had once been so in tune with had been hijacked and I didn't have the confidence to trust in the fact that women do this all the time. I would never forgive myself if anything happened. So what was 9 months off running in the big scheme of things? So I continued to enjoy my break from running and  focused all my energy on feeling good and growing my little runner.

Each day that passes I feel more confident and comfortable in my pregnant body and  it is this experience and confidence that I hope will allow me to run through future pregnancies.

So here I am 24 weeks pregnant, dreaming and blogging about running but not actually running. But just like I am looking forward to the challenge of motherhood I am looking forward to the challenge of returning to running after an extended break. This blog will serve to record both those challenging journeys and their relationship. I hope it entertains and inspires the mother and runner inside you.

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