Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sherry Arnold

Well its Saturday the 11th February here in Australia. Which makes it Friday 10th Febraury in the US. I am sitting here thinking about the the thousands of runners there who will be getting up tomorrow morning and running for a reason... Sherry Arnold

The recent tragic events that rocked the world have also united the running community like never before. It doesn't take many clicks on the cyber world to see how runners from every corner of the planet are coming together to mourn an unthinkable and tragic loss and honour the life of a mother, teacher and runner.

To read more about Sherry Arnold and the virtual run that is being held around the world click here.

At nearly 37 weeks pregnant I can't manage a run but I will be doing a "waddle: in honour of Sherry. All my thoughts and prayers are with her family in this tragic time.There are no words for their loss but I hope this "world-wide" action speaks louder than any words could. We are all with you!

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