Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Melting Moments and Moments that Melt You!

Its been non stop visitors since we arrived home from hospital and today bubby, hubby and I are enjoying our first day home together just the 3 of us with no visitors and no appointments.

I have enjoyed sharing our little man with all our family and friends but I have especially enjoyed all the yummy treats theses visitors have brought with them. I am one of those people who finds something she likes and keeps buying it. So when it comes to sweets and cakes and I don't generally stray from my trusty favourites. But thanks to all our visitors I have discovered (or re-discovered) some new scrumptious treats...

Melting Moments - Buttery goodness!
Carrot Cake - Yummo! Move over banana cake.
Slab Cakes - Chocolate, Coffee & Walnut, Caramel ..... I've devoured a few in the last few weeks

So Little A is now 3 weeks old and I don't know what I did to deserve this but our little guy has a good comprehension of day and night. He is an angel at night waking only to be fed and nodding off without much ado. During the day he is much more vocal and awake. We are making the most of this and enjoying the time for interaction and watching him develop. Every day he discovers something new and it is so exciting to see his progress.

Here are some moments that have melted me in the last 3 weeks...

"Who turned off the lights?"


Cute sleep poses

"Privacy Please!!!"

My all time favourite.... sleeps on mummys chest!

Twilight walks with Tata (Check out those legs...he'll be a runner for sure!)

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