Friday, 30 March 2012

Smiles and Celebrations

It started like any other morning as I handballed Little A to Big A so I could jump in the shower and get dressed before we had to race off to an appointment in 15minutes (so yes Makeup is given the skip these days. . . clean self, hair and clothes is all I aim for anymore!).

I stepped out of the bathroom with hair and body wrapped in towels, tooth brush in mouth and putting on deoderant (This kind of multi tasking means I can get a load of washing on too in that 15minutes) and found little A and Big A having cuddles on the couch. Not a second later we got what every parent longs for from the moment they are born... His first smile!!!!

I wasn't convinced I would even recognise his first smile because he has been doing this gummy smile like thing since birth. We were told it was him passing gas and to be honest he didn't look particularly happy when he was doing it so not hard to believe it wasn't a smile.

Today our little guys face lit up like a christmas tree and his smile stretched from ear to ear. It was the most amazing site and we have been smiling since... and eagerly awaiting the encore. This time I will have the camera ready!

Celebrations were in order... so the three of us trotted off after our appointment to Uncle Alberts for brekkie (2nd brekkie for me!). I thoroughly enjoyed some foods I had to avoid or be careful of during pregnancy....


Even though I am still being sensible while breastfeeding it is great to not have to be as careful. Leftovers, soft cheese, processed meats are all back on the menu. Whoever thought a ham sandwich could bring me so much joy.

Anyway all this excitement has worked up an appetite again. Time for lunch and an afternoon stroll with Little A. I will have the camera strapped to one hand all day and all night until I capture this smile.

How long until you captured your babys first smile on camera????

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