Saturday, 7 July 2012

4 months

This month I discovered just how lucky we had been with Little A's night time sleep routine when it went out the window. Apparently around 4 months (but could be anywhere between 3 - 5 months) babies may have a "sleep regression". In the blink of an eye I went from getting up once a night to up to 5 times per night! It was a rude shock! Luckily the worst of it only lasted a couple of weeks and this mummy is back to getting some decent blocks of sleep again!

This month we have a very special mummy staying with us. . . MY MUMMY! Little A is loving his granny time and I am loving the extra pair of hands. I am achieving twice as much these days while Little A hangs out with his new playmate.

Chilling with granny

Speaking of new friends . . .

Monkey meet monkey!

With solid food just around the corner we decided it was a good time to introduce Little A to his high chair. Did he like it?

I think so!

"hmmm. . . something doesn't seem right about this"

"Isn't this thing meant to come with food?"

"Nope, definitely nothing here!"

" MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!!!!! Get me out of here!"

Next time I decided to try and keep Little A entertained with toys. . .

"You can't fool me. . . I'm here to eat!"

This month also saw us move from the bassinet to the forward facing pram and as I suspected he loved it. . .

Its been a ridiculously cold month in Adelaide and we have been keeping Little A rugged up in soft blankies and cute hats. But apparently we went too far when we tried to dress him like an eskimo. . .

"Can I have my bib back now?"

"This is more my style. . . gangsta"

Little A who has always been "expressive" (basically he tells you if he's not happy) has grown his vocabularly this month. He is experimenting with lots of new sounds and will happily babble to himself in his cot. I have to say its very cute and I just adore his little voice. However at 3am child ???? There is nothing that important that you can't tell me in the morning!

We also had the 4 month immunisations this month. All I can say is we survived it. Apparently it doesn't get any easier but at least this time I knew what to expect!

Finally, here is my favourite photo from this month. . .

Sleeping Angel!


  1. OMG he is tooooo cute!! I love the pics from the high chair and I think I may also try getting her used to it!!

    I took piper for her first ride in the jogging stroller yesterday and she did great and loved it!! My doc said that as long as she could support her head we could try it! I walked her in it first for a week or so and now we are on to running. Although i will say it is tough to get used to running with 1 or no arms!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on your first stroller run! That is so exciting. I'm so glad to hear she enjoyed it!!!! Our Doc said the same thing. We are going to head out for our first one next week. I just hope he enjoys it too because I really want to be able to share my running with him! I'll let you know how we go!

    Good luck with the introduction of the high chair. Its so much fun. It feels like he is really part of the family when he is sitting at the table with us. So cool!