Monday, 16 July 2012

Post race high

I am taking a little break from whimpering in the corner after my interval session yesterday to share my training week wrap up. If I had to use one word to describe my 10 x 400s it would be BRUTAL. I know intervals are meant to be tough but I was digging so deep to get this session out there were almost tears.

Rough intervals aside it has been a great week of running coming off a PB race. Training has generally been going well but last Sunday's race has breathed new life into my training. I am so hungry for each and every run.

On Monday I enjoyed an Easy Run. I love a run the day after a race to stretch out any tight bits but after the 5k there was nothing complaining. Honestly I felt like I hadn't even raced!

Tuesday I cranked it up with my Tempo run which included 25 minutes at 14kmp/h. Tomorrows run I am shooting for 30 minutes at 14kmp/h . . . So excited!

Wednesday I took a rest day and Thursday I woke up feeling a bit average so I decided to postpone my run. By evening I was feeling a lot better and hit the treadmill. The great thing about running in the evening is Little A is down for the night and my runs can be longer. So I jumped on the opportunity to get my long run done and saved a shorter session for the weekend.

Friday was a cold, wet and miserable day. I decided to make it a rest day and enjoyed a relaxing day at home with Little A in our PJs. After feeling like I was on the verge of getting sick all week I was glad to have a restful day and just enjoy cuddling and playing with the little guy!

"Not getting dressed today?"

Saturday I did an easy run and Sunday was the interval session from hell. I didn't think I had 10 x 400s in me let alone at my goal speed of 17kmp/h but my hunger to achieve the session got me through. I think it was the hardest session I have attempted since returning to running.

After last weeks race I have re-jigged my training a bit. The plan is to drop one speed session... I will share my new plan and reasonings with you in my next post.

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