Thursday, 6 September 2012

6 months

It feels like yesterday Little A gave us his first smile. Now he just can't wipe that cheesy grin from his face.

Mind you he does have a lot to smile about. This month Little A got his first set of wheels! No longer happy to "sit" back in his rocker we decided it was time for a walker. After test driving a couple...

"Not my style mummy"

"Does it have power steering"

We finally settled on this one...

He loves standing up in it and is slowly figuring out that if he "pushes off" he moves. Mind you he can't seem to get it out of reverse at the moment which causes him great frustration!

Also making the Little guy smile is his new Jolly Jumper...

Anything that tires that bundle of energy out makes mummy happy too!

This month saw the arrival of two teeth! Teething is joyful... NOT!!! Bucket loads of drool, bright red cheeks, short naps, frequent night waking and a sad and grizzly boy.

The Womens and Childrens Hospital teething gel worked wonders for us when his second tooth cut through. Little A has never really taken to "teething toys" which is strange because he his happy to put just about anything else in his mouth...

We are only one tenth of the way through the whole teething process but I can tell you the best advice and treatment for a teething baby (in our limited experience) is CUDDLES!

we have continued to introduce Little A to new foods and he is now enjoying 3 meals a day. New on the menu is Pumpkin, Carrot, Banana, Pear, Broccoli & Lentils.

We have also introduced rusks. I love them because they will keep Little A entertained for at least 20 minutes but I hate them because the aftermath takes about 20 minutes to clean up!

"What mess mum?"


Last month I was left wondering if we would still have to wrap this boy when he was 13! Turns out that teething may have just helped Little A to move out of wraps. One night Little A grizzled until he had his arm free (to put in his mouth!)

The next night I wrapped him with an arm free and the night after that we said good bye to wrapping and are now using sleep sacks. I love Sleep Sacks! Apart from being super cute they are so practical. Although after 5 months of having him pinned down it was a little scary to walk in and find him down the other end of the cot or on his belly playing...

I would love to say that Little A has been sleeping through the nights and we have all been getting loads of sleep but that would be a FAT LIE! In reality we are all getting the least amount of sleep since Little A came along.

Rewind a month or two ago and the only reason Little A woke was to feed. Easy... feed and back in cot. Now it feels like there are 100 different things going on. Teething. Growth spurts. Seperation anxiety (yep, Suddenly he is aware he is all alone in his room and if he cries mummy & daddy come).

As much as I am happy to demand feed, I don't want to be used as a human dummy so it's been a challenge to establish what's really going on each night and tend to him in a way that I am comfortable doing long term. We seem to have gotten on top of it... for now!

Finally, here are some of my favourite pics from this month...

"who changed the channel?"

"Mummy & Daddy will never find me here"

"Can you get my phillips head?"

"mummy will be in BIG trouble when dad sees this photo!"

"Hmmm... Everything looks a bit orange."


  1. So, I really can't properly relate on he child-raising front. But - he is amazing, and absolutely adorable. And I want him. And if my man ever saw this comment he would cry a little inside. Can I steal him?

  2. He he... :)

    Did I mention he wakes at ungodly hours in the night!!!

  3. he is just so adorable!! It is great to see what he is going through and what I have to look forward to. My little one seems to be behind :)

  4. Thank goodness fore their cuteness...Adorable helps you to survive the tough nights! They so work on their own timetable! Little A is suddenly off tummy time... Not sure how he thinks he'll ever learn to crawl if he doesn't want to be on his belly... So funny how fickle they can be!

    Secretely I just like the idea of him staying baby as long as possible. These cuddling and not independant days are so limited :(