Friday, 21 September 2012

Moving, moving, moving

Its not my legs moving for a change...

Thats right... Mummy Loves to Run is packing up and trundling over to Word Press.

What does this mean?

1) We can now be found at mummylovestorun dot com
2) The new sight wont be "aesthetically pleasing" for a wee while... looking THIS beautiful doesn't happen overnight
3) If you follow by email please sign up to follow by email on the new site
4) If you use a reader or have Mummy Loves to Run saved in your favourites (like you all would!) please update to our new address

Changing to Word Press was on my "when I have some spare time" to do list. Then last night I realised my next spare time is scheduled for 2018! So I bit the bullet and started the process.

Word Press is much more sophisticated but also looks a little more complicated so bear with me as I learn.

I hope you enjoy our new home!

Any advice on moving from Blogger to Word Press? What other things should I be thinking about?


  1. Oh, I have been thinking moving to wordpress for a long time now. Can't wait to hear how it goes. It is on my to do list also but I am going to wait till after both half marathons are over. Good luck!

  2. I am with Nicole and the thought of Wordpress has been in my mind. Let us know what you think!

  3. This is really exciting! Wordpress is so much fun - I waste hours playing with settings (productive procrastination!).

    Things to know...go for it. Google useful plugins to use - they are so, so handy!