Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Goals... Check!

Little A is now 11 weeks old which means I have been back running for 6 weeks. It feels like yesterday I headed out for that first run.

After that first run (4km that felt like 42!)I set some goals for what I would like to achieve in my first six weeks back running (see here). So its time to check them off:

Long Run 6 minute pace
Check. The pace for last weeks long run was 5 minutes 47.

Tempo Run 5 minute 30 pace
Check. Last Tempo run was 5 minute pace (still buzzing from this!)

Intervals (100s-400s) sub 4 minute pace
Check. I have hit 16kmp/h for my 400s so smashed this one too.

I remember thinking that they were ambitious when I set them. But consistent training, recovery and lots of focus on SPEED and not distance has got me there.

So its time to set some more AMBITIOUS goals for the next 6 weeks:

Goal #1
>35km per week (with a baby who cat naps so my weekday runs are limited to 30-40 minutes this is VERY ambitious and I am suspecting that some weeks I might be doing some extra long runs on the weekend to get over the line with this one!

Goal #2
1km Intervals at 4minute pace . . . Wahoo!

Goal #3
Long Run pace 5 minutes 30 (Ok so I am getting a bit crazy now but if I don't get this one in this round I will recycle it to the next 6 weeks)

That all said, running is a challenge this week. Little A is having a wonder week which means his already short day sleeps are shorter and when he's awake he wants my undivided attention. If that wasn't enough, Big A is home with the man flu. So I am super busy looking after my boys. Luckily its an easy week this week so I am just happy to sneak in little bits wherever I can. Yesterday was 15minutes, today was 30minutes and who knows what tomorrow holds. After 6 weeks of "hard" training my body is loving the light and easy load.

Some mummy posts to follow . . . Stay tuned!

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