Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tough Times

Ready for work, Big A kissed me goodbye and turned for the door but before he could turn the handle I flung myself at his feet sobbing and BEGGING him not to go. Little A had only been awake for 30 minutes but already I knew I did not want to face this day alone!

Ok, so it wasn't that dramatic. Actually I was on the treadmill doing a kick-ass Tempo run when Big A left for work (I will tell you just how kick-ass it was in the weekly training wrap up - but in short I ROCKED!) Little A was asleep in his rocker. . . for the time being. But I knew from the moment that little A's eyes opened that morning that it was going to be a rough day. . . what I didn't know was just how rough.

Hands down with no competition even in sight, it was the hardest day since Little A has come along. For most of the day (or at least all of his awake time) Little A was completely beside himself and by 5 O'clock so was mummy. Not soon enough bedtime came, Little A went to sleep and Mummy recovered from the ordeal of a day with chocolate and foot rubs.

This morning when I went in to collect him from his cot and start our day I was met with a beautiful beaming face and all that was yesterday, felt like a distant memory. Like a bad run those tough times seem so insignificant when you have something so amazing at the end of it (like a PB or a beautiful boy).

One of my all time favourite quotes that I think of EVERY race:

The pain wont last forever but the memories will" - Young

Parenting is much the same. There are crappy times (yesterday reached new levels of crappiness!) but they don't last forever and at the end of the day you always have this beautiful child that brings you so much joy!

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