Thursday, 24 May 2012

You know you are a mummy runner when. . .

A few weeks ago I took Little A to the family clinic for his immunisations. Before we left the house Little A had a nap and I had a window of opportunity to either:

A. Have a shower and make myself look respectable


B. Go for a run

I decided to go for a run. So when I arrived at the clinic and there were 20 other mums before me looking preened and cleaned I was feeling a little bit out of place all sweaty in my running attire. This was the day I realised I was going to be THAT mum that is always in her sports clothes. Little A's mummy is a runner. . .

Here are some other signs you are a mummy runner:

1. You ask for a new pair of sneakers for mothers day

2. Your feet look like something from a horror movie. They look this way because you are a runner but they've looked this way for 2 months because you are a mummy. Who has time for pedicures?

3. Your husband responds to your snapping with "do you need to go for a run?"

4. You put on training clothes EVERY morning just in case you get an opportunity to go for a run. If only your child would tell you how long they are going to sleep for before they went to sleep!!!

5. Your water bottle follows you everywhere. . . even to the dinner table at night. Yep, I am all class!!

6. You happily run WITHOUT music because you just love the peace! Before Little A I would never have dreamt of running without my ipod and would struggle to finish a run if it went flat. These days I prefer just to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Happy Mummy Running!


  1. And if I can't be in my running clothes I have them in my car or by my work desk just in case I get the opportunity to run. :)

    1. He he... and I bet you can throw them on in 2 seconds flat! Waste no opportunity.

      PS well done on your race and the awesome placing!