Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Round the world

With hopefully more babies on the cards in the next few years, I am not planning too many races ahead but that doesn't mean I don't dream about them. I don't know when and what I will race over the next 5 years while growing our family is the main focus but I do know that these 6 marathons MUST be done at some stage in my life:

1. New York
If I could only run one more race in my life this would be it!

2. London
Ok this would just be an excuse to visit some super cool friends in London but I do consider this one of the greats and coming from Australia where I have never even seen snow it sure would be a new experience running in really cold conditions.

3. Paris
Running down the Champs Elysees! I also heard a rumour they serve wine at the drink stations. . . now we are talking!!!

4. Disney
Need I explain this? When I do get to Disney I would like to do the Goofy Challenge. . . Half Marathon one day and the full marathon the next day.

5. Gold Coast
Fast, flat, scenic and super well organised. What more could you ask for? The Gold Coast half marathon has been my best race experience to date and I would just love to experience the full marathon.

6. Canberra
Beautiful, cool conditions and totally on my radar.

Of course I would also love to run the Adelaide marathon being that I live in Adelaide but after looking at the new course map I am a little scared I would get lost! This year I will just be sticking to the half and hopefully I can improve my map reading skills in the meantime!

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