Monday, 2 April 2012

4 weeks

Little A is 4 weeks old today and there are just so many milestones to mention. Firstly I can't believe what a quick learner he is...

He already knows how things work around here!!

Today he really earned his stripes when it poured down on our walk. Too bad they don't make mummy covers because while bubby was dry as a bone Mummy looked like a drowned rat. To add insult to injury I was wearing a white top too!

"I'm no "fair-weather walker"

The little guy is weighing in at 4.2kg now which is over a kilo more than his birth weight. We are also starting to see glimpses of his personality and he's a firey one!

Today also marks Big As return to work. So its just Little A and I now. Having relied on Big A for the last 4 weeks I was convinced I'd get nothing done when he went back to work. But we are doing suprisingly well today...Its amazing what you can do with only one arm... like type this!

Finally my thought for the day...

When little A wakes or wont go to sleep when I am trying to get something done I remind myself that he is not an interuption to my day but rather the purpose of it. Motherhood inspires patience on a whole new level. As someone who was previously addicted to being busy and productive I am learning about the wonder that exists in every moment and sitting back and enjoying each and everyone of them.

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