Sunday, 22 April 2012

A mixed bag

This weeks training has been a mixed bag. I have had easy runs, tough runs, inspired runs and runs that are just downright challenging. Read more about the challenging one by clicking here and below is the "run down" on my two favourite runs this week:

Easy Run
Finally an easy run! Not much has been "easy" about running in the last 2 weeks so it sure was nice to get this extra run in and remember what it feels like to find your groove and just cruise.

Long Run
This weeks long run was 50 minutes and I was hoping to get close to 8km out in that time. I was quite nervous about this run for two reasons. Firstly all my other runs this week had been on the treadmill and I wasn't convinced my "treadmill fitness" would correlate to the pavement. But it did and I triumphed. Secondly it was my first run leaving Big A and Little A at home. This was harder on me than it was on them!!! I ran a couple minutes over time to hit my desired 8km and I was stoked to make this distance after only 2 weeks back into it. I wont lie the last 2kms SUCKED! It was uphill and damn hard but I was running home to my two favourite boys. . . what more incentive could there be? Ok, maybe a hot shower too!

So what did I learn from this weeks training?

1. A good sports bra is always in order! Three bras however is an overkill and actually makes breathing a little difficult! (yes I tried three)
2. Hills are NASTY!
3. Big A and Little A can do just fine without me. So I don't need to check my phone every km. . . maybe every second km next time ;)

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