Monday, 23 April 2012

7 Weeks

If last week was wonder week, this week has been "wonderful" week.

We have enjoyed lots and lots of these:
How can something so small make you feel so good???

On one of our walks this week we came across this guy scurring across the track and up a tree. . .

Little A wasn't too impressed that there was something else that mummy considered cute...

Hey what about me over here. Aren't I the cutest?

So he plotted

And he stepped up the cuteness

Check out my muscles

and my "fighter" stance

This week also saw our 6 week check ups. We both passed with flying colours and have been sent on our merry way. Little A weighed in at 4.78 kilograms (exactly 1.6kg up on his birth weight). So NO, our child is not starving by any means but you can see for yourself - check out these cheeks!!!

Little A is also experimenting with forms of communication other than screaming. . . very cute and very much appreciated. Thats not to say he isn't still the loudest baby in Adelaide. . . he just saves his screams now for carefully selected moments (mostly when we are out and about!!!)

Our little night angel is also starting to do bigger blocks of sleep at night now and we have enjoyed stretches anywhere between 7.5 - 9.5 hours!

Little A has been very accomodating of my running so far. He seems to be soothed by the sound of the treadmill and dozes off before I finish my warm up and wakes up the minute I turn it off. Its a pity I can't sustain 3 hour runs yet. . . there are some days I would be willing to do that for a "good" daytime sleep!

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  1. Those pictures are so cute. I love those first smiles! Keep on enjoying your little guy!