Monday, 9 April 2012

5 Weeks

These weekly updates roll around so quickly. I can't believe its been 5 weeks since we met this little guy. More amazing is just how much he has changed. I can barely remember the tiny little parcel we were holding at the hospital. Now we have a little boy with oddles of personality who has grown in every direction!!!

I've got a secret.... Mummy ate all the Easter Eggs!

Where did you hide my soccer ball?

Put your hand up if you can scream the loudest

This week was our first week with Big A back at work. All in all we did well and even managed a few days out and about. But I did learn one lesson the hard way...

Capsules come with the following warning:

Do not leave babies unattended in the car

Isn't that obvious?!?! This warning would have been much more appreciated:

Do not carry your baby in this capsule all morning while you do your errands or you will pull every muscle in your neck, shoulders and arms and not be able to move for 24 hours!

I was so proud of my productive morning out with Little A in the capsule I even text Big A to tell him about my achievement... "all with the capsule in one arm". Well the joke was on me the next day when I spent it glued to the wheat bag.

The worst thing about all of this is we have a pram attachment for our capsule. Which means in ONE easy click the capsule attaches on to the pram. But no, I had to be a hero and lug it everywhere!

Lesson Learned. Save upper body workouts for the gym!!!

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