Monday, 16 April 2012

6 Weeks

What can I say we've just been lazin around on the couch...


This week it has been a lot more like this....

Since Little A was born I have had a few nights after he has gone to bed when I have thought if I wasn't breastfeeding it would have been nice to sit down with a glass of wine. Not this week. This week I have thought it would be nice to sit down with a bottle.... of vodka!

He has certainly put us through our paces this week. It seems we have survived (I hope past tense is appropriate here!) our first Wonder Week. Oh Wonder weeks! We had been warned and we were even bracing for it. But nothing prepared us for just how testing some moments got. It was like "Turd Time" on steroids!

They say babies make massive mental developmental leaps in these wonder weeks. Seeing these developments are a nice and much needed reward. Today we were rewarded for all our patience and troubles with a very smiley and interactive little boy! He has been engaging with us more and more each day but today was very special.

This week we have also been busy working through our Easter Chocolate Stash. Little A didn't seem too impressed with his chocolate bunny

so I did what any responsible mother would do and ate that thing from ear to toe...problem solved!

Hoping this week is filled with lots of this...

Aren't they so perfect when they are asleep?

All in all it was definitely a good week to return to running...

Training update to follow!

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  1. Awwww he is so so so darn cute! (apart from the screamer pic - OMG!) I think you should head over here so Aunty L can have a cuddle!