Friday, 20 April 2012

That kind of run

On Wednesday I endured one of those runs where nothing goes your way and you wonder why you bothered trying! In a wee 40 minutes I had to contend with all of the following:

A mosquito or two wouldn't usually bother me but I wasn't about to let the nasty things near Little A and his precious skin. I was pretty sure dowsing him in aeroguard wasn't a good idea so I raced inside looking for a solution. . . a "food throw"! It worked a treat at mosquito-proofing his little rocker. . . I thought it was a genius idea!

YAWN. . . Too tired to care that mum has decorated me in kitchen linen

Hair Problems
I finally got my warm up out and was re-tying my hair ready for the business end of the run and my hair tie snapped. There was no way I was getting off the belt again so I made do.

Lack of support
Once I was up to pace I discovered that I hadn't managed to put a proper sports bra on in my rush and was uh well. . . bouncing around. Again, I was not getting of this treadmill so I stuffed my shirt up the bottom of my bra hoping the extra padding would "lock" them in. (sort of helped. . .not really!)

Pit stop
Moments later I realised that I hadn't made a pit stop before I started. Pre-baby this wouldn't have been a big deal but a 40 minute run on a full bladder these days. . . not so good. But I decided to endure as long as I could. . . I really didn't want to get off again!

By the 20 minute mark I started to feel that horrible rubbing and stinging feeling that can only be chafing. Getting off the treadmill for vaseline or to change shorts wasn't an option so I tucked my shorts up into my knickers (yes I was quite the sight at this stage!) I was finishing this damn run and I didn't care if my inner thighs were red raw at the end of it!

So with Little A taking refuge under a food throw, my shirt tucked up my bra, my shorts stuffed up my knickers, my wild hair flying every where and a full bladder I pounded out my 40 mins.

Oh how my life has changed. There is no time to be a "princess" and get things in order for my run anymore. . . if Little A is asleep I start running and don't stop for anything. My running time is precious and not a minute of it will get wasted.

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  1. Good for you that you made it till the end of the run. I promise things will get better when they're older. You will look like "a princess"again on your runs. until then it seems like you already manage pretty well already fitting in your runs! Thank you for your comment on my blog. And reading it with Google translate. You can comment in English, I understand that better than German, haha. But thanks, so much fun that someone from overseas reads my blog!