Wednesday, 4 April 2012

5 sure signs you have a baby in the house

You no longer tell the time by looking at the clock. Actually you couldn't really care if it was 9am or 7pm. The only time you care about is how many hours its been since the last feed.

Random animal noises
Strange noises emanate from your house... not just screaming but noises that resemble a duck, dog, kitten, horse and many other animals (or is this just my child? did I sing too much "Old Mcdonald" when I was pregnant???)

Washing machine
Your washing machine has worked more than a 38hour week

Conversation topics
Your dinner conversation is no longer intellectually stimulating topics such as world events and current affairs. Instead you discuss events closer to home... Poo frequency, which bum cream worked best, how many naps were had and what crazy new noise you heard today!

Feeling a bit cramped...
You seem to have twice as much stuff as you use to. Seriously how does something so little have so much stuff?!?!

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