Monday, 16 April 2012

Training week wrap up

A week of running - YAY! I am anticipating the first 2 weeks to be the hardest so I am celebrating being half way through the real hard stuff now!

First week back saw 4 sensible and "intensity appropriate" build back runs. 2 on the pavement and 2 on the treadmill. 2 of my runs were cut short by Little A but only by a smidge. I will get better at planning my running around his sleeps I am sure (or even better, in a few months we'll be running together!!)

Yesterday I did a 1km warm up and 3 x 1km intervals at 5min pace with 500m recoveries and then a 1km cool down. It was a great session to end my running week on. The first 2 intervals were manageable but the last one was a struggle. I was thinking how tough it is coming back to running after such a long break and then I realised...

Intervals are meant to be tough! If you aren't giving your all in your speed work and pushing your limits then how will you improve? So I stopped feeling sorry for myself and told myself that eventually this pace wouldn't be so hard and when that happens I will up the speed again until it IS hard again.

I love speed work. I am in my element in a speed session but it did take me yesterdays run to get my mental game on again for this higher intensity stuff. . .but I am back baby!

At the moment while I am trying for quality and not quantity I have 4 "hard" sessions and a run dedicated to each of the following:

Aerobic Conditioning (Long runs. . .not that long yet!)
Aerobic Capacity (fartlek)
Anaerobic Conditioning (tempo runs)
Anaerobic Capcity (speed work)

"Junk Miles" will be a luxury that will only happen when I can fit in an extra run. So my long runs will be my switch off time because the other 3 sessions are mentally demanding!

Little "monster" is waking.... must go!

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